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Lambeau's America

Kitchen and Taps

Our Story

Lambeau’s America Kitchen and Taps inspiration came from a guy named Earl Lewis (Curley) Lambeau who was born in Green Bay Wisconsin, he played high school football there and then went on to play college football for Notre Dame.

He returned to Green Bay to a job in a meatpacking plant. Missing football he came up with an idea to start a team and with a $500 investment from his employer he started a team in 1919, his girlfriend named them the Green Bay Packers. They were so successful that what is now the NFL asked them to join their league in 1921. Curley Lambeau was able to create and live his dream in football as a player and then coach until 1953 . During this era people from all over the world were immigrating to America to work and make their own American dream come true. We honor and remember the many people who helped build this country into the greatest nation on earth. The menu ties in the cultural impact these people had on our food merged with football by show casing famous foods from cities with NFL teams